Cheap Emergency Family Accommodation Adelaide

Do You Need Cheap Emergency Family Accommodation in Adelaide?

If you do then this article presents a helpful option to look after you and your family.

Emergency situations are never fun. But it is a relief to know that you can find emergency accommodation that suits an entire family.

No matter what the emergency is, if you need to move out for some kind of damage such as fire or flood damage to your own home in Adelaide, you can move nearby and keep the family together.

This is assisted by the location being very central for all of Adelaide. We understand you might need to get the kids to school or you might still have to commute to work.

Call Ray White City Edge immediately on (08) 8266 3100 and ask about their Prospect furnished houses for rent (Adelaide).


PLEASE NOTE: this is not crisis accommodation. It is for when you need somewhere to rent after issues with your home (perhaps some kind of insurance event), or de-facto family separation, potential marriage break up or divorce.

Staying in a family home helps recreate the feeling of a normal family environment, which is important following such a disruption.

Here is how to find Affordable Emergency Accommodation in Adelaide:

Here is an option that has the ability to sleep up to 9 adults comfortably. It is a three bedroom family home in Prospect, which is a very central Adelaide suburb.

This central location should help with the necessities like getting the kids to school and you to work as mentioned above.

To find out more about the home and book your stay, click the button above.

Discounted for long stays

This option is very suitable for long stays for an emergency family situation, with big discounts for weekly and monthly durations. The discounts are more than 20% off, and increase for the longer durations.

Cheap Accommodation Helps, Even with Insurance

It is necessary to find cheap accommodation because even when insurance will reimburse you the costs, often they will pay out some days, weeks or even months later.

In an emergency you need accommodation NOW! This means you will need to be able to pay up front, and it helps you cope with the short term expenses if you can find something you can afford in the short term.

We understand it is important to find affordable accommodation until you can be reimbursed later.

There might also be uncertainty over whether or not you will be reimbursed depending on the emergency. Don’t take a risk to stay in several hotel rooms even if you can afford it short term.

All family needs are catered for

All family comforts are covered in this family home including reverse-cycle air conditioning to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter!

There is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.

There is new gas hot water service so the hot water never runs out.

Three bedrooms, plus

lounge with sofa bed.

Fully equipped dine-in kitchen.

Dishwasher in kitchen.

Washing machine in laundry.

Two toilets (we know that can help with a large family!):

one in the bathroom

one separate one via the laundry

High Speed internet Broadband NBN

TV, Netflix guest account

There are even board games and books to keep you interested.

To see more details of the facilities and family comforts to help you manage while your home is out of action, refer to this page on Family Accommodation in Adelaide or click the button further below.

Notes re: pet friendly emergency accommodation:

This home has a large back yard but isn’t really suitable for large outdoor pets long term as there is no front gate to isolate the grounds from the street.

For a very short stay you could sleep them overnight in the laundry and have them tied up for their safety during the day. There are plenty of places such as the veranda posts to which you can secure a leash or rope.

Cheap Emergency Family Accommodation Summary

The very central location makes it likely to be near the place you need to be. At the very least it should provide only a small additional travelling time to places a little further from Adelaide.

If you need short-term accommodation for emergency reasons but typical hotel rates are too expensive, do check out this family home rental. It is typical accept reduced rates for long term stays, so why not contact the property manager and see if we can arrange a low price rental for short-term accommodation or an extended mid-term stay?

Click below for more details and to check availability.


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