Accommodation Near Adelaide Oval


If you are looking for accommodation near Adelaide Oval there are several choices and this preferred pick gives you a good option quite close and very easy to travel to and from the Oval, and you can save money compared to a hotel.

check accommodation near adelaide ovalIt is so simple to get to the oval and there are several free or cheap transport options, including walking, public transport (bus), and taxi. The bus is probably the easiest and it is normally also free (see more below).

Taxi is likely to be the quickest to the oval (and will be relatively cheap as it is not a very long ride). Of course walking and the bus are cheapest at zero (that is, no cost whatsoever).

A quick google search (Map provided below) suggests it’s about a 9 to 12 minute bus ride through cosmopolitan North Adelaide to the oval. Lets just say 10 minutes! The bus is normally free on match day and for special events like concerts. (You will need to confirm via the Transport authority, see further below.)

If you think you would enjoy the walk then it’s about 40 minutes and you can of course break up your walk if you stop along the way for a drink or a bite to eat in North Adelaide, which is a very popular thing to do and extends your enjoyment of match day.

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Save money

Staying near Adelaide Oval just north of North Adelaide and catching the FREE BUS allows you to save on accommodation and transport. Note the free bus service would need to be provided by Adelaide Metro and is usually done so for major sporting events and concerts. Naturally we can’t guarantee you free bus transport and so we request you check with the suitable authority.

Compared to booking several rooms in a hotel for a large family or for several adults you will save a lot of money by booking this three bedroom home, which can sleep up to nine adults.

You have your own private space in which to socialise as a group.

Being a three bedroom home you can also cook your own meals in its cosy country-rustic style kitchen if you want to save even more money – but of course it is also close to many restaurant options.

Getting to the Oval or Adelaide CBD

This accommodation is close to Prospect Road just to the north of Adelaide, and so very near to Adelaide Oval.

Travel south on Prospect Road and through the parklands (that Adelaide is famous for), and you will arrive in O’Connell Street in North Adelaide.

Continue south along O’Connell Street you will come to King William Road where Adelaide Oval is situated.

This extends to King William Street which traverses through the middle of the City of Adelaide CBD.

From Prospect Road there are no turns to make and you can continue right through the city – so easy!

(tall map to RHS)

Walk And Enjoy The Festive Atmosphere Surrounding The Oval.

It is common on match day to see several groups of people wearing their team colours walking along Prospect Road into North Adelaide to enjoy the atmosphere and then along to Adelaide Oval.

You might be surprised to think that walking is an option. As indicated, it is a moderate walk of about 40 minutes from the accommodation through North Adelaide to the Oval.

Many people are happy to walk to the Oval given they will probably be sitting down for quite some time at the Oval watching their match.

There are certainly no car parking hassles to worry about!

The pre-match and post-match atmosphere can be enjoyed in areas surrounding the Oval in North Adelaide and along Prospect Road, with sports fans showing off their allegiance to their teams and chatting with excitement.

After the match (or concert) you can again choose to break up your walk, as you might like to stop along the way as you take in one of the many opportunities for a coffee, other beverage or a bite to eat in one of many cafes and restaurants in North Adelaide. Many a discussion about your victory or regarding ‘that’ umpiring decision have been had at a venue along the way home!

What’s On At the Adelaide Oval During Your Stay in Adelaide?

If you are already interested to stay in Adelaide and you are keen for some great entertainment, you can check out what is on offer at the Adelaide Oval website.

Easy public transport to Adelaide Oval from this Accommodation

If you don’t want to walk there is a bus, normally free (depending on the event at Adelaide Oval) which can be caught on near-by Prospect Road.

Prospect Road is a five minute walk from the house, through a lovely park called Saint Helen’s Park.

The number of the bus to catch is G10 and it’s simple because it is the only bus travelling along Prospect Road. In other words you can catch any bus you see on Prospect Road and it will take you to Adelaide Oval. Easy!

You can catch this bus from bus stop Number 9 right at the edge of Saint Helen’s Park.

Sighting Saint Helen’s Park also makes it very easy to know when to get off the bus on your return.

The transport authority, Adelaide Metro, have a website where you can see when the bus is due to arrive at this particular stop.

Try it now to see when the next bus is, or keep this page and link handy to make it easy when you stay:

See the Next Bus to Adelaide Oval


You can click on “Directions” on the map below and for an indication of travel time and directions copy and paste: “Saint Helen’s Park, Prospect”.

As you can see from the map, Adelaide oval is also near the Adelaide Casino, and it is only another bus stop or two on the G10 bus to get you there (at King William street), and into the heart of the Adelaide CBD.

Extend your Enjoyment

Coming for the weekend? Why not stay a few more days and see more of Adelaide and Surrounds?

There are wonderful tourist opportunities that you can experience while staying in this accommodation in Adelaide. You could make a day trip and travel to the Barrossa Valley wine region to the north of Adelaide. And take a second day trip to the Clare Valley wine region. This accommodation being on the north side of Adelaide is ideally situated to make the most of your time for such trips.

An example of such food and wine festivity is the Barossa Gourmet Weekend this September:

Barossa Gourmet Weekend

And no doubt, if wine IS your thing, then there are several other close by wine regions in the Adelaide Hills or McLaren Vale to the south. Very easy to do as a day trip from this home. Alternatively you can use it as your Adelaide base and return here after staying in the wine regions.

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This family accommodation near Adelaide Oval is very suitable for a large single family or group of families, or other group of adults wanting to stay in Adelaide and see a match or concert at Adelaide Oval, and save money while doing so. This home also is near shops, public transport and restaurants. If you extend your trip a little longer, there are wonderful additional things to eat, drink, see and do! Good luck and we hope your team wins!