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Find Family Accommodation in Adelaide: If you’re looking for cheap family accommodation in Adelaide this is a great option. It’s a three bedroom home with all facilities necessary to allow you and your family or friends to enjoy your stay

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Looking for Furnished Houses For Rent-Adelaide? If you are looking for furnished houses for rent – Adelaide, then this will save you time with great options to consider. Fully furnished Houses for rent in Adelaide (SA) are of particular popularity

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Self Contained Accommodation Adelaide

You have made a wise choice to be searching for self-contained accommodation in Adelaide as you can both enjoy your stay and save money, living a more independent-style get-away. Our hand-picked offering makes life on the road easy and feel

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Ideal furnished Accommodation in Adelaide!

This website aims to direct you to fully furnished accommodation for rent Adelaide has to offer near Adelaide Oval and North Adelaide.
So if that matches what you are searching for, then great! You’ve found what you are looking for.

Our Preferred Pick:
This three bedroom home gives a great accommodation option for a large family, group of families or several adults staying long term or working as a group in Adelaide.

It’s easy to get into the city via a short walk through a lovely little park (St. Helen’s Park in Prospect) to Prospect Road. From here catch the G10 Bus direct into the City.

Within easy travel to Adelaide CBD, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide Festival Centre and of course Adelaide Oval.

Conveniently at the closest perimeter to the most active part of Adelaide – the northern side, where you can find North Terrace on which are Adelaide University, the South Australian Museum and more (ie. to the northern side of Adelaide). Not to mention North Adelaide.

If you are in the mood for a pleasant walk, then there are plenty of cafe’s, restaurants, supermarkets, pubs and more within walking distance.

Long Term Rental Home
You’ll find it’s a great home for families to rent, as it is complete with often-demanded comforts like air conditioning and dishwasher, in or near Adelaide.
It’s great for hosting multiple families with its ample car parking space and all the facilities you need like any normal home.

Nearby restaurants

Just north of Adelaide, Prospect is a great place for the family to stay. And when you stay, you will want to try some great restaurants in the area.

A few of our favourites are:

  1. Meze Mazi – awesome Greek food (Check out their menu)
  2. Viet L’Amour – Vietnamese food with French love (website)
  3. PunThai Restaurant – Awesome Thai (address: 80A Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia)
  4. Rose Garden Thai Restaurant (address: 125 Churchill Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia)

Of course there are many more fine restaurants for you and your family nearby. These Prospect restaurants are reason enough to come and stay in Adelaide!

More on Family Accommodation Adelaide

If you are searching for family accommodation Adelaide has some great offerings to the north of Adelaide Oval. These homes are often cheaper than long term furnished apartments on North Terrace. We strongly recommend this as a great option to consider before you complete your research.

Do you want to know the secret of how to make sure your mid-term to long term stay in your chosen home goes smoothly?

Here are some things to remember:

One of the most important things you want to have is all the facilities you need. Sounds obvious, but how do you make sure that those little things or even the big things that you are going to need are actually in the accommodation you choose?

The answer is to have something like a checklist, so make sure the items given below are on yours.

It’s true that many websites have a section to show the facilities or a field in which the host can select or enter a description of the facilities.

However they often forget or omit items.

The question is, is it an omission or is the necessary item not listed because it is not there?

Something that is not there you might assume is an omission where as they never intended for you to believe there was such an item.

Things like irons, hair dryers, kitchen utensils – all of these things might be assumed to be in any family accommodation for a short-term stay.

But in my own experience that is not always the case.

And for something quite large that you might want or need during a long term rental, for example, a vacuum cleaner, often is not provided. Yet you might assume that for an extended stay you need such a thing and that it will be provided.

The host might be used to stays of only two or three nights during which people don’t really want or need their own vacuum cleaner.

If you are looking for family accommodation for a period of one week or a few weeks up to several months, there is some benefit in making sure you have:
– all the laundry facilities you need (washing machine, dryer, clothes line, clothes pegs)
– all the sheets and linen you need
– and sufficient towels to change over while some are drying
– Kitchen with cooking facilities

One of our biggest budget expenses is buying food if we’re travelling or not living in a normal home.

We often spend a lot more on food because we eat out more.

If we’re going to save money while staying long or midterm in accommodation other than our own home then it makes sense to have a kitchen available.

Certainly a ‘nice to have’ in the kitchen is a dishwasher (some would say essential, because some families can’t live without one if they’ve had one at a previous home).

Desks or work spaces if you have children who need to do school work (kids love homework!).

Naturally desks or workspaces also come in very handy if you’re travelling for work.

Working on the road as it were, while staying in staying with your family in accommodation near Adelaide for a term of 6 months or 12 months or more, you will need some form of workspace. It certainly is better than just working on the kitchen table.

This reminds me, of course an essential item for work is Wi-Fi and probably best of all is NBN Wi-Fi Internet. The NBN is connected. Prospect was one of the first two suburbs in Adelaide with the NBN!


Some Internet websites do quite a good job of demonstrating the facilities they have on hand. Or at least they allow the host to enter such data.

However often a host can omit certain details and it is worthwhile making sure you have all the items you need for your stay in Adelaide.

Be sure to remember the items listed above when you assess in which place you choose to stay.

Rent Fully Furnished Family Accommodation in Adelaide

To assess whether to stay in family accommodation in Adelaide immediately to the north of North Adelaide, consider this recommendation (with independent 5 star reviews):

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